APEX Accelerators (APEX)

APEX Accelerators

Determining Suitability for Contracting:

The government marketplace poses unique challenges.  SD APEX counselors can help you determine if your company is ready for government opportunities and how to best position yourself to succeed.

Securing Necessary Registrations:

Your SD APEX counselor can help make sure you are registered with the various databases necessary for you to participate in the government marketplace, including GSA’s System for Award Management (SAM), the SBA’s Dynamic Small Business Search, and other government vendor databases.

SDB, 8(a), HUBzone and other certifications:

Certain small businesses are eligible for preferred status in some government solicitations.  Your SD APEX counselor can help you determine if your company is eligible for any of these certifications and guide you through the steps necessary to secure them.


Your SD APEX counselor can help you identify which offices and individuals are most likely to need your product and what is the best way to connect with them.

  • Researching Procurement Histories: “What agencies have bought products like yours in the past?  Which companies have been awarded these contracts?  How much have they been paid?”  Answers to questions like these are necessary to guide your marketing strategy and give you a competitive edge.  Your APEX can help you ask the right questions and get the information you need to succeed.
  • Networking:   SD APEX sponsors regular “matchmaking” events, providing critical opportunities to connect with agency buying officers, prime contractors and other businesses that may offer teaming or subcontracting opportunities.
  • Identifying Bid Opportunities:  Your SD APEX counselor can make sure that you are notified — on a daily basis — of government contract opportunities that your company is eligible to bid on.
  • Proposal Preparation:  Your SD APEX counselor can help you navigate a potential solicitation package, including securing necessary specifications and drawings and understanding pricing considerations.

Contract Performance Issues and Invoicing:

After you’ve been awarded a contract, your SD APEX counselor may be able to help with certain contract performance issues, as well as invoicing.

Preparing for Audit:  

When its time for your contract audit, your SD APEX counselor can help you know what to expect, and what you will need to have all documentation in order.


Assistance to small businesses and small & disadvantaged businesses (SDB’s) to locate prime contractors who may wish to subcontract with to them

Assistance to large prime contractors to locate viable subcontractors

Ongoing Training:

  • Introduction to Government Contracting:  A general overview of how the government buys goods and services.
  • Small Business Certifications:  Guidance on how to become certified and registered and the benefits for small business participating in the 8a, Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), HUBZones, Woman Owned Businesses and Veteran Owned Business.
  • Navigating SAM:  How to manage GSA’s System for Award Management (SAM), required for government contracting.
  • Doing Business with GSA:  An introduction to GSA Schedules and requirements and process for GSA Schedule contracts.
  • Contract Accounting:  Designed to acquaint businesses with the accounting system standards that are found acceptable by units of government.
  • Response to RFPs/Proposal Writing:  Learn the structure of an RFP, how to understand every section and its requirements, how to identify required sources, and how to plan, develop write, review and deliver a complete, compliant and compelling proposal.
  • Teaming Arrangements and Subcontracting:  Designed to  teach and help small businesses develop successful teaming and subcontract relationships with large businesses, other small businesses and individuals.  AND MORE!  

See South Dakota APEX News, South Dakota APEX Events, and Business Training Available for APEX Clients for ongoing posting.

APEX Accellerators

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